13 April 2019

Dublin House Prices 9 Times Higher Than Avg. Salary

13 April 2019,

Dublin’s housing market may have reached “peak affordability” with prices now more than nine times the average salary, a level not seen since the […]

2 March 2019

Low Number of EORI Registrations among UK and Irish traders

2 March 2019,

Despite campaigns by HMRC and Revenue, there has been a low uptake in the number of traders applying for a business registration to allow […]

1 February 2019

When is a border not a border

1 February 2019,

A senior EU spokesperson, Margaritis Schinas, claimed earlier on this week that a no deal Brexit meant there would have to be a hard […]

29 January 2019

5 ways you will benefit when I am 65

29 January 2019,

Lower tax bills and additional social welfare benefits await those reaching retirement age If “many years from now” has abruptly become imminent, how your […]

31 October 2018

Tax Alerts

31 October 2018,

Tax alert 1: Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax filing deadline for 2017 tax year is today for manual returns and 14 November for […]