23 May 2017

The Pension Conundrum: To Transfer Or Not

23 May 2017,

Consider this. You’re 63 and are trying to decide how best to fund your retirement. You have been quoted a transfer value of €487,500 […]

9 May 2017

Offsetting A Capital Loss Against A Capital Gain

9 May 2017,

I made a loss on a foreign property a number of years ago. The property was declared and fully compliant with Revenue. At the time of […]

24 April 2017

8 Tax Reliefs Every Farmer Over 65 Should Know

24 April 2017,

The average age of a farmer in Ireland is currently 60 which means that a substantial number are over 65 and leading healthy and […]

16 March 2017

Revenue Tells Landlords To Submit Tax Refund Claims Even If They Can’t be Processed

16 March 2017,

Landlords are being urged to submit a tax refund claim on the second home charge for 2013- even if they can’t be processed – […]

3 March 2017

Pensioners Receiving Overseas Income Could Face Revenue Fines

3 March 2017,

Almost 135,000 Irish residents were in receipt of British state pensions as of last August, up from 133,300 two years earlier, according to data […]