30 March 2020
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30 March 2020,



To comply with the further regulations as set out on Friday 27 March to slow the spread of the
COVID 19 Coronavirus in Ireland, we have implemented the following additional procedures in our
offices which will be effective until such restrictions are eased. In the circumstances we are sure you
will understand that these are meant to keep both our staff and you safe while enabling us to
continue to provide you with support services.

  • We have both our Kilcoole and Gorey offices manned with limited staff during our business
    hours of 9am to 5pm. The offices are not open for call-ins. You can still contact us by phone
    at our office numbers or by email.
  • Most of our staff will be working remotely during this period of restricted movement. These
    staff will have access to emails if you need to contact them or, if you leave a message by
    phone at our offices, will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • If you need to drop information into us, please use the post-box in the Kilcoole office front
    door. If the package is large, please call in advance and leave documentation at the front
    door and we will retrieve it. There is no access to the main office area in either Kilcoole or
    Gorey. If a drop-off in Gorey is required, please call the Gorey office to arrange.
  • We will not be having face to face client meetings in the offices for the foreseeable future. If
    you have a meeting organised with a staff member, or wish to arrange one, please contact
    the staff member and hopefully this can be handled over the phone.

    We will keep the situation under review and will continue to keep you updated as the situation
    evolves via our website www.dunnequinlan.ie

Please don’t hesitate to contact us as normal with any queries you have.

PAYE/VAT – Filing of Returns

The advice that has been issued from the Revenue Commissioners is that they will not apply any
interest charges to late payments of VAT arising on Jan/Feb returns that are due in March, and also
to late payments of PAYE/PRSI arising on February and March returns that are due in March and
April. In addition, they have stated that “all debt enforcement activity is suspended until further
notice”. Details of these and other measures announced can be found at the following link – it is
noted that the Revenue Commissioners require that tax returns are still filed on time as normal,
albeit that taxpayers might not pay the full amount of VAT or PAYE/PRSI that is due;


In short the advice we are being given is continue filing returns at this time, but do not pay the
liability if funds are not available.


Firstly, if you are experiencing any COVID 19 Coronavirus issues with your payroll/employees or you
have any queries in relation to the operation of your payroll system due to these circumstances,
please contact either ourselves or your payroll provider directly.

If you have lost your job, or your business has closed due to the COVID 19 Coronavirus pandemic,
you may have an entitlement to the COVID 19 pandemic unemployment payment. This is paid for up
to 12 weeks and a 1 page application form must be filled out. Information in relation to this is at the
link below.


Secondly, if an employer can retain staff on the payroll, but is unable to meet all wage payments due
to being adversely affected by COVID-19, the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme may be useful in
assisting an employer through this crisis.

The following link will give access to guidance and eligibility requirements for this scheme which can
cover up to 70% (max. €410 subject to conditions) of employee net pay. This is also open to
directors of qualifying companies but not the self-employed.



If your business is experiencing cash flow problems as a result of the COVID 19 Coronavirus
pandemic, or you anticipate this will happen in the future we would advise that you contact your
bank directly and discuss what options they have available to you, from deferring loan repayments,
to offering loans and overdraft facilities. You may not need these facilities now, but might be
grateful for them in a month’s time.


Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the CRO has announced that it is not in a position to process
submissions or answer queries at this time. They had previously announced that all submissions due
at present, but received by 30 June would be considered as filed on time, but this is now uncertain.
If you have any queries on the above do not hesitate to contact the staff member that handles your
affairs in our office.

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