16 March 2017

Revenue Tells Landlords To Submit Tax Refund Claims Even If They Can’t be Processed

16 March 2017,

Landlords are being urged to submit a tax refund claim on the second home charge for 2013- even if they can’t be processed – […]

3 March 2017

Pensioners Receiving Overseas Income Could Face Revenue Fines

3 March 2017,

Almost 135,000 Irish residents were in receipt of British state pensions as of last August, up from 133,300 two years earlier, according to data […]

28 February 2017

Worried About Revenue Clampdown On Offshore Assets

28 February 2017,

Given all the recent talk about a Revenue clampdown on offshore assetscould you please clarify what should be declared and how to do so? Read more here

1 October 2016

Tax returns due this month

1 October 2016,

Personal Tax returns for the self-employed and company directors fall due in October 2016 for the 2015 tax year. To ensure their timely submission […]

1 September 2016

Corporation Tax and Companies Registration Office Returns due shortly

1 September 2016,

Lots of companies have December year ends. Corporation Tax and Companies Registration Office returns for most 31st December 2015 year-ends will fall due in […]