3 March 2017

Pensioners Receiving Overseas Income Could Face Revenue Fines

3 March 2017,

Almost 135,000 Irish residents were in receipt of British state pensions as of last August, up from 133,300 two years earlier, according to data […]

28 February 2017

Worried About Revenue Clampdown On Offshore Assets

28 February 2017,

Given all the recent talk about a Revenue clampdown on offshore assetscould you please clarify what should be declared and how to do so? Read more here

1 October 2016

Tax returns due this month

1 October 2016,

Personal Tax returns for the self-employed and company directors fall due in October 2016 for the 2015 tax year. To ensure their timely submission […]

1 September 2016

Corporation Tax and Companies Registration Office Returns due shortly

1 September 2016,

Lots of companies have December year ends. Corporation Tax and Companies Registration Office returns for most 31st December 2015 year-ends will fall due in […]

28 October 2013

Personal tax return filing and payment dates being set earlier for 2014?

28 October 2013,

With the bringing forward of the annual budget presentation by Government to October, it has been proposed in a consultation paper published by the […]