Taxation Services Wicklow GoreyCompliance with tax obligations is critical for both individuals and limited companies. Tax obligations and financial planning are becoming more onerous with time.

Our personal taxation services include retirement planning and compliance with taxes such as Local Property Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax; it is surprising how many individuals’ personal tax positions are incorrect sometimes resulting in them paying much more in tax than they are obliged to.

Our corporate taxation services address issues such as tax return compliance, VAT and PAYE.

At Dunne Quinlan & Co, we provide the following taxation services:
  • Tax record maintenance
  • Tax return completion
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Claim maximisation
  • Income disclosure report preparation
  • Revenue audit assistance

We also represent clients in communications with the Revenue Commissioners.

Contact us on (01) 2590090 to discuss any taxation queries and schedule your first consultation free of charge.