19 October 2018

Finance Bill 2018 – The New Measures

19 October 2018,

Every year the Finance Bill contains measures that were not contained within the Minister for Finance’s Budget day speech. Here are a few new […]

10 October 2018

Budget 2019 At A Glance

10 October 2018,

Government allocating a total of €2.3bn to the housing programme for 2019.  €1.25bn allocated for the delivery of 10,000 new social homes through a […]

9 October 2018

Failure To Switch Current Accounts – Sound Advice

9 October 2018,

Pricewatch bought cryptocurrency last week. We had absolutely no need for it and only bought a total of €30 worth of two virtual currencies […]

4 July 2018

Solicitor’s Advice On Inheritance Is Simply Wrong

4 July 2018,

We recently approached a solicitor with a view to bequeathing our house to a daughter who has lived here since she was born in […]

12 June 2018

Dividing Up The Spoils: The Finances Of Divorce

12 June 2018,

We might have one of the lowest divorce rates in Europe, but a recovering economy means that numbers are on the rise once more, […]