7 September 2017

Is The National Minimum Wage Set To Increase?

7 September 2017,

The National Minimum Wage is likely to increase by 30c at the beginning of 2018. An announcement was recently made by the Taoiseach, Mr. […]

15 August 2017

Homeowners Face Up To125% Increase In Property Taxes

15 August 2017,

Given the furore that greeted the introduction of water charges, the Government timed the introduction of property tax that bit better. With the State […]

8 August 2017

9 Alternatives To Putting Your Money On Deposit

8 August 2017,

It’s a tough time for Irish savers. With European interest rates on the floor, deposit rates have plummeted in recent years. Read more here

7 August 2017

Can I Transfer My UK Pension To An Irish One?

7 August 2017,

I have been living and working in London for the past 11 years and for nine of those years I have been part of […]

2 August 2017

Local Property Tax Must Be Reformed Before 2019

2 August 2017,

Now that an economic recovery is well under way and Irish finances are no longer in crisis, it is time to take a fresh […]